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What Is Enneagram?

Power Enneagram is a 9-Point Personality Typing Tool that is deeply rooted in Psychology. There are 9 Types of Personalities in The Enneagram, each detailing precise information about each Personality Type. When you understand the Nine personalities in Enneagram, you begin to discover a profound knowledge about yourself and others. Enneagram has been used in Leadership Development, People Development, Business, Workplace Psychology, Recruitment & HR, Team Building and Conflict Management.

Certified Power Enneagram Coach Programme

This is possibly the most comprehensive Enneagram Coach Programme in Asia. You will gain a solid foundation in Enneagram before progressing to advanced theories and Typing Skills. Programme includes understanding the 9 Enneagram, Wings, Functioning Levels, Typing Intensive, group work, assignments, additional online classes and on-going support.

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Authentic Leadership
With Enneagram

Quality leadership has a tremendous positive influence on organisations. Based on Enneagram Personality Typing System, there are 9 Types of Leaders. Each Leadership Type sets directions, leads and installs confidence in 9 different ways. Understanding the personality traits of each leadership styles can also help avoid leadership pitfalls and strengthen leadership abilities.

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Team Building With Enneagram

Developing an outstanding team requites a very special type of programme. Enneagram helps every team member in your organisation to understand each other quickly within a very short time. Your team members will never look at each other the same way again after our Enneagram Team Building Programme. This programme comes with a MONEY-BACK Guarantee.

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Effective Communication
With Enneagram

The key to success in any business organisation is the ability to communicate with others, to inspire people to share their vision and goals, to provide clear directions and to keep things on track through feedback. When humans build bridges to reach out to each other, we create a more meaningful and harmonious workplace.

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Conflict Management
With Enneagram

Problems that “just won’t go away” can be resolved through methods used in conflict resolution techniques. In this Enneagram-based workshop, the participants will learn how to transform conflict and difficult human relationships into enduring partnerships. By understanding the 9 distinct relating styles of each Enneagram Personality Type, participants learn to appreciate and honour the differences among team members and those whom they work with.

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What People Say About Power Enneagram And Nicole Ling

AJ. Alej

Learning the Enneagram from Nicole changed my life! Not only was I able to learn the theoretical aspects of my type and all the other types, I was also able to understand how to apply it in my life. Nicole managed to condense some very complex psychology into very simple terms that I could easily absorb and apply. She even went a step ahead and spoke to me after the course was over so I properly understood my type. Definitely recommend.

Darren L.

Attending the 2 day Enneagram workshop really helps me to understand why different people do things differently and what they are suited to do. This is so useful for entrepreneurs and business people to identify the type of people they need in their organisation. Even for anyone finding a partner or in a marriage, you will know your better half without prejudge and get annoyed with their “way of doing things”. Enneagram definitely helped me see people a more holistic manner and I wish I discover Enneagram earlier to avoid certain people who cause financial and time inconveniences to me. But I am also glad I know exactly who I am, why I think in a certain way, why I have the need to be unique which drives me nuts because I am a perfectionist in my art.

Lau Z.

Nicole is able to make difficult concept simple for us to understand. I have learnt a lot from her and she has a very systematic approach of conducting lessons. After a few lessons with Nicole, I know how to interact with people in a better way to prevent conflicts. When I consult her about difficulties faced in work or relationship, she is always able to analyse the situation and gives me the best solution. Thank you very much Nicole!

Alex T.

Nicole knows her Enneagram and delivers it in a way that’s systematic and practical for daily use. What impresses me most is her strong sense of moral justice which makes me accountable for my newly acquired superpower. She cares for each of her student and gives personal attention to clear our doubts. I’m sure her background in psychology helps. Easily recommended!

Tim Tan

Tim Tan

Very good trainer and teacher who can type personalities to bring out the best performance in your individual self. Organizes lots of community and short meetings for networking and self improvement amongst different professionals in Singapore. Nicole is a truely skilled practitioner of the #Ennegram programme training. Awesome Healer and Speaker!

Gadis Shasha Shano

I find the lesson interesting since Nicole is able break down complex theoritical stuffs into something simpler and easier to understand. I find that I can absorb faster with her method of teaching. ???? Since knowing enneagram, i realised that enneagram is something that can explore the universe,in knowing people character and directions in life. Enneagram can be used to predict and prevent from making the wrong decisions.

Chia Bing Xi

Chia Bing Xi

Very knowledgeable and insightful in explaining things beyond Enneagram, but into the human psyche as well, making the experience enriching. The delivery is done with enthusiasm and energy, making it fun and enjoyable.

Debbie Chua

A very experienced trainer n I had learnt a lot from her, especially this course can help in our daily life.
A big thanks to Nicole Ling ????

Arthur Low

Thank you Nicole, for such being such a great Teacher in showing us how to live powerfully according to our each unique individual life path.

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