As we’ve learned from our previous selection, what we do the last night is to prepare to have a well-planned next day in this section we will teach some things you can do to elevate your daily morning.


Mornings are vital because it sets the tone for our daily routine, here are tips to make your day the best.

  1. Make it all about you in the morning. The harder or more demanding activities should be tackled first thing in the morning. Don’t squander this vital time on trivialities. Always begin your morning by savoring God’s word and letting His power flourish in your life.
  2. Make a clean bed. It sets a positive tone for the rest of the day. It’s also wonderful to climb into a made bed instead of a rumpled mess of sheets at night.
  3. Open the drapes. Today is a new day. You can be inspired by the sun. The same can be said for a wet day. “I’ll tackle that on a rainy day,” people constantly say. Well, guess what? You now have one. Take a chance!
  4. Using cold water, squirt it on your face. It’s good for your skin and it makes you feel awake!

5. Start your day with a prayer, meditation to acknowledge the power of the universe and let it emanate inside you.

6. Stretch. The body is awakened by a few yoga poses or reaching for the sky.

7. Try a 2-minute breathing practice to help you relax. Concentrate on your breath as you inhale and exhale. Don’t worry if you get sidetracked; simply refocus.

8. Give thankfulness that you can get out of bed on your own. To be able to outfit yourself. To be able to eat on your own. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Every day should be enjoyed. It’s a present.

9. Consume a well-balanced breakfast. It will keep you energized and assist you in making the most of your time.

10. Prepare your dinner table. Coming home to a set table is like receiving an invitation, just like seeing the table set when you wake up.


These are easy and common ways to begin your day energized and blessed! Stay tuned for more!

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