Some people dwell on their failures. We, on the other hand, do not believe in failure. The successful people we know will say that they’ve all encountered roadblocks and huge disappointments along the way and that they’ve learned from each one.


The journey towards success is more than anything


Thomas Edison once mentioned when he was inventing, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Teddy Roosevelt exclaimed, “the person who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything!”


So, do you believe us now? It’s impossible to distinguish between accomplishments and failures. Everything is a part of the same journey. It may be difficult at first, but we guarantee you’ll appreciate the journey a lot more if you get up and try again the next time you’re knocked down.


You’ll never be able to live a full and successful life if you carry a lot of bitterness and hatred with you. Allow yourself to forgive, forget, and go on.

We’ve mentioned several amazing folks who have all accomplished wonderful things. They took it one step at a time, learning from each encounter, conversation, and contact.


These individuals were not born knowing the answers; they, like the rest of us, stumbled their way through it. People started repeating them whenever they got to a nice spot, such as Charles F. Kettering, who stated, “Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.”


Failures are Normal, Own it, and Try Again


Demonstrate what you took away from the event. Show how you’ve thought about the lessons and what steps you’ve done to stay on track. I believe that the best people put themselves out there knowing that they may not always win, but they have worked hard to get there. They completed their assignments and prepared for their chance to shine.

Never Fear Failure, For it’s Normal!


You’re on the right track when you find intrinsic motivation in a sense of joy, purpose, and mastery. It makes no difference how many times you’ve failed. Continue to fail, own it, learn from it, get up, fight until you succeed!


You may begin focusing on the positive possibilities in front of you at every junction once you recognize you have the power inside you to attract the kind of success you desire.

God Does Not Fail!


God and the Holy Spirit are two perfect entities, they do not fail. How does this correlate with you? God and the Holy Spirit plans the course in your life, you may consider some plans a failure but little do you know they are training ground for you to learn at. See failures as an opportunity to learn, and not setbacks. 


Failures are a way to learn and avoid further mistakes. Fight on and you will find your way, do not forget to acknowledge God and the Holy Spirit, stay tuned for more!


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