We shouldn’t tell people that they should “be more optimistic,” because we have different struggles in life and we can’t tell people how to live their lives. However, we can start by influencing them to be more positive, but what does that entail? Being positive is more of a deeper work than meets the eye. Here are three easy steps you can take right now to start cultivating a more positive outlook.


Keep on Smiling


It is scientifically proven that smiling causes the release of pleasant neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. On top of that, it is infectious and can trigger others to smile as well due to our innate reflexes in our brain.

Never Stop Creating


As we previously mentioned from our first selection, creating things puts your brain in a state of flow, which allows happiness and positivity to surround you. It also creates a creative atmosphere around you that emanates through your persona and can inspire others and eventually, pass it on.

Never Stop Helping and Inspiring Others


Helping and inspiring others brings you out of your pity party and puts things into perspective. Making someone smile, inspiring them, making a chore easier, or simply connecting with a stranger feels amazing. Every day, try to do one good thing for someone, no matter how small.

Acknowledge Him!


In everything you do, acknowledge God and the Holy Spirit. They will nurture and guide you every step of the way. On top of that, you also have a friend that blesses you with never-ending positivity and strength!


Stay tuned for more!

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