We all have been in that dark place, where we loathe ourselves for doing and regret things that we did in the past. 

If you remain to blame yourself, it will take a toll on your state of mind, physical health, and overall well-being.

Remember this, it’s all in the past, and the way we heal is through self-forgiveness. Forgiveness is a powerful gift that you can give to yourself and others.

Forgiving ourselves can make a balance in our internal turmoil. But how do we forgive ourselves?

#1: It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

This is a common saying, but what does it really mean? It means that we all get through rough patches in our lives, and it’s completely normal not to be ok for a while. We must remember things do get better if we are willing to work through the difficulties with patience and time. However, we must acknowledge and accept that we are NOT our problems and no problems are permanent

#2: Accept That It Has Happened

It’s always important to be grounded in the reality that we all make mistakes, and we must accept that it happened, it occurred, and it might have damaged our relationships. If we have erred, we must acknowledge the fact but we must accept that we are not perfect and mistakes are simply part of life. 

#3: Admit That What You Did Was Wrong

Acceptance is the key to freedom. Accept that what we did was wrong, repent sincerely and forgive yourself.

#4: Send Sincere Apologies To Those You Have Hurt

After admitting your mistakes, offer the most sincere apology to whoever you might have hurt. It may be your partner, your colleague, a friend, a neighbor or even yourself. Apology is a sign of remorse and it can be very healing to self and others.

#5: Forgive Yourself and Learn From It

Once you have completed step one to four, you are on your way to Healing. Do note, that the self-forgiveness process may take a while. Some wounds don’t heal immediately and require divine intervention. Ask God and the Holy Spirit to heal your hurts and wounds. Ask for forgiveness, wisdom and clarity.

Self-forgiveness does not happen in one snap of your finger, and it’s a gradual step-by-step process that requires time, patience and understanding. 

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