Some people find it difficult to pave ways in their life and eventually find their purpose; the concept of a “real calling” and the desire to uncover purpose in life appears to be becoming popular.


While personal and character development is becoming popular, people tend to maintain the status quo while developing their characters and personalities.


This is in line with the rising number of people who are burned out and seeking a more fulfilling and satisfying existence. They desire a life that encourages personal development and has a beneficial impact on the world.


Here we are going to teach you some general ideas on how to pave ways in your life and unveil your true purpose to help you live a more meaningful life.

Use the Ikigai System


Ikigai is a traditional Japanese ideology that has pervaded Japanese culture. Some even claim it is the source of their pleasure and long life. It’s no surprise that western culture has adopted it as a means of finding a meaningful profession.


When your career has these four attributes, according to the Westernized form of Ikigai, you’ve discovered your dream job:


  • What you are passionate about
  • What you excel at
  • What you might be able to be paid for
  • What is required by the world


Using the Ikigai System is beneficial to the person as well as the world at large. Consider what the world would be like if most of us lived at the crossroads of our passions, professions, vocations, and missions.

Step 1: Examine yourself


We all know deep down that if we shut out the world and go inward, we’ll have to face our demons and confront the challenges, traumas, and emotions we’ve kept hidden.


Begin by taking the time to examine yourself. Many of us are terrified of spending time in solitude and unaffected by distractions. This, we believe, is because we all have an underlying fear that lurks behind the surface of daily life.


We then have to sort through the jumble that is our internal world. After this, we will come out as a stronger and more empowered version of ourselves given enough time, effort, and self-love.


Step 2: Start A Journal


Don’t be concerned with the content of your work. Simply write whatever comes to mind and let the words flow. If you’re stuck, consider what makes you furious, sad, or whatever emotion or sensation you’re having at the time.


Keeping a journal is a simple way to get started. We can process what has been backed up simply by putting our thoughts on paper. We can clear our heads and provide clarity to how we’re living our lives. Having this could also help in backtracking and seeing our progress and finding answers if we get stuck.


Step 3: Observe


Observe, and it allows us to reflect on the decisions we make daily. This awareness of choice is a seed that, if maintained and protected, will allow our Ikigai to bloom.


You recover your power when you realize you have the ability to adjust your focus; you are free to envisage how things could be different.

Step 4: Broaden Your Knowledge


Read new books or listen to informative podcasts you normally wouldn’t read or listen to. If you’re reading this, we’re presuming you’re the type of person who still finds time to read books or listen to podcasts and is hungry to better themselves.


Reading and listening provide a window into the world of another person and are rich in knowledge, wisdom, and important insights.


Step 5: Trust The Process, Never Rush


Patience is a virtue. It’s not always easy to figure out what you’re meant to do. In reality, I would argue that most of us experience it as a result of a seemingly “random” collection of events or obstacles. Always trust the process.


In conclusion, we believe all of us have a mission to fulfill, a calling to answer, and an Ikigai to embrace. It’s the mysterious nature of how you discover your calling that contributes to life’s beauty, fret not God, the Holy Spirit is with you! Stay tuned for more.

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