We are back on the topic of anger management.

 In our last article, we talked about anger issues and how they may affect your health and life. Today we will share effective tips on how you can manage anger to stay cool and centered. 

  • Tip #1: Explore The Roots Of Your Anger

Always learn the triggers of your anger and its roots so you’ll know how to avoid it in the future. It can root in previous experiences, trauma, and mental health problems.

Seek professional help such as counseling, therapy, healing, or coaching if you had experienced trauma or past suffering. Healing the roots of your pain so that you can release the past and start afresh on a new path. If you need help to heal, contact us for specialized healing. We have professional therapists to assist you in this area.

  • Tip #2: Know Your Anger Warning Signs

Anger has some physical manifestations that vary from one person to another, it is important to know what are your specific manifestations.

The common anger warning signs are:

  • Knots in your stomach
  • Clenching your hands or jaw
  • Feeling clammy or flushed
  • Hyperventilating
  • Headaches
  • Erratic Pacing
  • “Seeing red or blacking out”
  • Trouble Concentration
  • Heart-Pounding
  • Tensed Shoulders

Be in mind and watch these signs. 

Tip #3: Learn Some Ways To Tone Down Your Anger

Learn the common ways to tone it down, deep breaths, move around, get out, and take more time ‘out’ to cool it down.

Sometimes, all you need to do is to take a short break to cool off before you can resume your work.

Tip #4: Stay Calm By Taking Good Care Of Yourself

Staying calm benefits both your physical and mental health. The ways to stay calm by taking good of yourself is:

  • Managing Stress
  • Talking to someone we trust
  • Getting Enough Sleep
  • Regular Physical Activity
  • Avoid Stimulating Substances (Alcohol and other drugs)


Engage with self-care. Take a hot bath, go for a jog, sweat it out at the gym, have coffee with a friend, and get sufficient good sleep. A deep restful sleep is essential for an energized day. Be mindful of your triggers and avoid the things that set you off.

Tip #5: Use Humor To Relieve Tension

Humor is important in all walks of life, and it’s our natural cure. Humor and playfulness somehow relieve tension and tone down our anger. Learn to laugh at yourself and take things lightly.

Tip #6: Seek Professional Help If Needed

If you have a fit of explosive anger, you need to seek professional help and you must seek it fast to help yourself, and the people around you. Seeking help is not a bad thing, and must not be laughed at. Seeking professional help should also be done quickly to prevent more harm to yourself and your loved ones.

When you heal your anger, it is good for yourself and the people around you. So there you have it, you can do all these simple tips to help yourself.

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