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Unleash Your Authentic Power
(Leadership & People Management Training)


High calibre leaders develop self-mastery with the aim to to help others achieve personal and professional successes. However, not all leaders exhibit the same leadership qualities. Based on Enneagram Personality Typing System, there are 9 Types of Leaders. Each Leadership Type sets directions, leads and installs confidence in 9 different ways.


The Enneagram Personality Typing Workshop consists of dynamic teaching and active participation through lectures and group activities. The aim of this course is to train leaders and potential leaders alike in developing and sharpening leadership skills. By understanding the Enneagram Personality Types, leaders are able to inspire, motivate and foster growth using their unique strengths and talents. Understanding the personality traits of each leadership styles can also help avoid leadership pitfalls and strengthen leadership abilities.

Course outline:

  • Know Your Leadership Styles – What Type Of Leader Are You?
  • Motivations and incentives – what drives a person?
  • Leadership instincts of each Leadership Style
  • Leadership Intelligence
  • Uncovering strengths and weaknesses of each Leadership Type
  • Understanding how your team, subordinates, clients and colleagues think, feel and respond to your Leadership Style
  • Working with other Leadership Styles
  • Developing leaders in your team according to Personality Types
  • How to lead in a sales or business conversation
  • How to enlist cooperation from colleagues, team members and coworkers
  • Using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Interpersonal Skills to lead
  • Going beyond your Leadership Type

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