Miracles Happen To Those Who Wait

Miracle Healing enriches lives and those who wait are rewarded the most. It has nothing to do with our skills or education; rather, it concerns his readiness to use us as his vessel for these miracles.    Even though we may not always notice effects right away, if we persevere and wait, we shall witness […]

You Can Be An Instrument For Miracle Healing

Did you know that the Holy Spirit can use you as an instrument of Miracle Healing? But first, what is Miracle Healing?Miracle healing is the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit working through his people to heal the sick. It is not about our abilities or training but his willingness to use us as his […]

Start Receiving Miracles Now

  You must have read about our students’ spectacular results from their Miracle Healing, and wish to be like them.    Here’s how you can start helping yourself to receive miracles. But first… what is Miracle Healing?   Many people think a miracle is an extraordinary event not explicable by natural or scientific laws. While […]

How I Defeated Cancer: Aini’s Miracle Healing Story

Today, we will discuss how Aini healed from stage-3 triple-negative breast cancer.    Aini is a simple and humble person, she runs her own business, and by nature, she’s kind, resilient, diligent, and obedient. Still, suddenly at the peak of her journey, she was diagnosed with stage-3 triple-negative breast cancer which multiple testing, chemotherapy, and […]

Financial Blessings Through Miracle Healing: From Zero to Millions

Can you heal your finances?    Yes! Yes, you can.   How does Miracle Healing help to heal your finances?    Here’s the story of how Veronica rebuilt her failing business and generated $1.3 million within a year.    Veronica is one of our students from our Miracle Healing Retreat Program. She is a very […]

Having Career Problems? Try Miracle Healing

Do you want a better career?   Has it been difficult finding a new job?    Or you might be employed but feeling unhappy at work. Perhaps your career is stagnant and you want to progress.  Do you know that Miracle Healing can help you at work?   Yes! Miracle Healing can heal your career.  […]

Heal Your Relationships Right Now

Very often, people think that an unhappy relationship cannot be mended. They endure and put up with unhealthy, toxic relationships that create unhappiness in their lives.    However, the power of the Holy Spirit and Miracle Healing can defy everything.   But first, what are the basics?   One definition of a miracle is an […]

How To Not Be Afraid of Your Goals

“I worry that if I set a new objective, I won’t be able to accomplish it.”   Fear grips you like a tormentor!   “I can only think of the reasons I won’t be able to accomplish that aim.”   “I’m not intelligent or competent enough.” “There is excessive risk present if I try anew.” […]

5 Simple Ways to Mend a Broken Relationship

If you’re still looking for ways to mend or build your relationship, there is still hope. You may be here looking for support because of some early relationship difficulties or because you’ve been having ongoing issues and believe there is no way back.   It won’t take a complete personality makeover for either of you […]

Build Your Wealth: How To Achieve Financial Stability

You and your family have huge goals despite having little money. These are a few problems that modern millennials like you must deal with. However, one thing you must constantly remember is to prioritize your needs over those of others.    Sounds egocentric? When you stop to think about it, you may confidently secure your […]