In the previous article, we’ve talked about how communication is essential in our relationships. Now we will talk about how to effectively communicate and bring out the best in our relationships.

  • Calm communication is key in a relationship.


If your partner has hurt you in any way, it is important to find the right timing when you are both calm, able to talk to each other face-to-face, and raise your concerns in a respectful manner – “Honey, I love you, but what you did awhile ago has somehow hurt me…”

Using this communication formula could set things straight and avoid additional conflict.

Mutual respect is crucial for a positive outcome in communications. 

  • Always be open and honest.


This is in line with clear talking. Do not beat around the bush and do not sugarcoat, as this may give mixed signals to your partner.

Speak directly and honestly to avoid second-guessing for your partner.

  • Timing is essential, always find the right timing to bring up sensitive issues.


Refrain from arguing in front of other people. Select an appropriate space so that both parties can talk safely. Set the right tune first before delivering your issues. Note: Calmly deliver your issues.

  • Never be abusive or verbally aggressive in any way, even if it’s an emotive issue.

Harsh words should be avoided at all times. Even if you are angry, do not resort to name-calling or abusive language. Use words of encouragement to facilitate the conversation.

  • Body Language is important, always practice positive body language.

Avoid combative tones and intimidating body postures when talking. Sit back and speak to each other gently with eye contact. 

  • If the situation is aggravating with high tension, it’s time to consult a professional relationship therapist to help mend the relationship.

Sometimes, it is best to engage a third party to heal a damaged relationship. Professional therapists are trained to mitigate and deescalate strained relationships, hence you should seek professional help if you are unable to convey your message effectively to your partner.

Always remember a calm conversation often yields better outcomes. It provides a clearer vision for both parties to address their concerns. 

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