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​Conflict Management:
​Turn Conflict To Collaborations

About the Program:

Problems that “just won’t go away” can be resolved through methods used in conflict resolution techniques.

In this Enneagram-based workshop, the Trainer will teach participants how to transform conflict and difficult human relationships into enduring partnerships. By understanding the 9 distinct relating styles of each Enneagram Personality Type, participants learn to appreciate and honour the differences among team members and those whom they work with.

Course Outline:

  • Types and causes of conflict
  • Human motivations, drives and instincts
  • Role of Empathy in diffusing conflict
  • Managing strong emotions
  • Conflict resolution and prevention methods
  • The 9 Styles of Conflict Management
  • Managing difficult personalities during conflict
  • Accommodation and collaboration
  • Conflict management styles to avoid
  • Working in teams
  • Building and growing on diversity

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