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Effective Communication
With Enneagram


Effective Communication is more than exchanging information. It involves understanding the intentions and emotions of the person we are conversing with. Besides the ability of being able to convey messages, one must also be able to listen in a manner that helps the other person to feel that he or she has been fully understood and heard.

Yet very often, our communication is frequently misunderstood. When we try to say one thing, the other person hears something else. This can cause frustrations and misunderstanding in professional and personal relationships.


By understanding communication styles, we are able to speak the language of others. When real communication is created, we are able to better manage conflict, ineffective work habits and different management styles.

What can you expect from the Enneagram Personality Typing Workshop?

The Effective Communication Workshop consists of dynamic teaching and active participation through group activities.

Course Outline:

  • The 9 Core Personalities & Characteristics
  • Communication Style Assessment
  • Understanding the 9 Core Values, Point of Views, Communication Styles, Beliefs and Assumptions
  • Understanding Core Motivations and Incentives: what drives a person?
  • Understanding the Centers of Intelligence
  • Uncovering Communication Strengths and Blind Spots
  • Using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to add value to conversations
  • Understanding Trigger and Stress Points
  • Understanding how your team, subordinates, clients and colleagues think, feel and react
  • How to elicit response and cooperation from clients, customers, co-workers and colleagues
  • Managing conflict – sore spots of each Personality Type
  • Celebrating diversity within organisations

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