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Type 1: The Perfectionist
“I Want To Be Good…”


Honest, disciplined, ethical, organized, and conscientious


Being critical and intolerant to shortcomings and imperfections.

Communication Style:

Detailed and precise with tendencies to lecture, judge or teach others.

Inner Beauty:

Being principled and doing the right thing.

Life Path:

Type 1s go about living their lives trying to be good. They want to do what is correct and help others improve themselves.

Personal Life:

Type 1s are driven and motivated by ethics and principles. At their best, Type 1s are disciplined, ethical, responsible and diligent. They carry out their daily tasks in a structured and methodical way, and they expect others to do the same. Being Perfectionists, they tend to see the world in black and white or right and wrong

In Business:

Type 1s are hardworking individuals who seek to improve themselves, other people and everything else around them. At work, they are organized, conscientious and orderly. They are self-controlled and strive for perfection in the things they do. They may have a low tolerance for wrongdoings, poor quality work or irresponsible behavior.

Famous Type 1s:

Mahatma Gandhi, John Paul II, Confucius, Nelson Mandela, and Joan Of Arc.

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