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Type 2: The Helper
“I Want To Be Loved…”


Caring, helpful, nurturing, sympathetic and demonstrative.


Needy and dependent. Approval-seeking behaviors.

Communication Styles:

Using nice words, very pleasing and sympathetic. Tendencies to give advice and solutions.

Inner Beauty:

Knowing what people need. Willing to help others.

Life Path:

Type 2s extend their big antenna searching for people to help. They want to care for others and help people in need.

Personal Life:

The Type 2s are inherently helpful, giving, considerate, and nurturing. When they are at their best, Type 2s are caring, encouraging and supportive to people around them. Type 2s gain a lot of joy and self-satisfaction when they render help to someone, however, they have difficulties setting boundaries.

In Business:

Type 2s exude a warm, welcoming exterior, making others feel comfortable and accepted in their team or organization. They are demonstrative of their affections and tend to excel in building relationships with others. Type 2s tend to seek approval from important people in their lives, therefore they should consider developing self-validation.

Famous Type 2s:

Oprah Winfrey, Narayanan Krishnan, and Guru Ammaji (the Hugging Saint).

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