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Type 3: The Performer
“I Want To Be Recognized…”


Adaptable, excelling, goal-oriented, diligent, and driven.


Overly competitive, restless and unable to slow down.

Communication style:

Motivating and inspiring. Using positive words with enthusiasm and passion.

Inner Beauty:

Versatile performer. Naturally charming.

Life Path:

Type 3s want to be seen, to be admired, and to distinguish themselves from others. They want to be role models who inspire others.

Personal Life:

Type 3s are hardworking individuals who are deeply motivated by success and recognition. At their best, Type 3s are diligent, versatile, driven and goal-oriented. They have a natural ability to figure out the expectations and needs in a given situation and perform the necessary tasks to attain success.

In Business:

Type 3s enjoy pursuing success and want to be recognized for their achievements. As Performers, they are image-conscious, however pursuing material success may soon bring about physical exhaustion and emotional emptiness.

Famous Type 3s:

Bill Clinton, Madonna, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maggie Chueng, and Martha Stewart.

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