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Type 4: The Individualist
“I Want To Be Different…”


Empathetic, sensitive, creative, intuitive, and emotionally rich.


Overly sensitive, fluctuating moods, melodramatic, and intense.

Communication Style:

Speaking expressions change according to mood and feelings. May fluctuate from intensely passionate to withdrawn.

Inner Beauty:

Ability to feel sensitively and deeply.

Life Path:

Type 4s use their creative force to search for meaning, self-identity, and balance in their lives.

Personal Life:

The Type 4s glide through life with a life-force that govern their independent thinking and strong beliefs. When Type 4s are at their best, they are artistic, expressive, imaginative and creative. Being ultra-sensitive, the Type 4s are finely in-tuned with their emotions and their environment.

In Business:

Type 4s are idealistic and usually excel in the artistic field (music, dance, design, poetry, drama, and writing). As Individualists, they want to produce unique work that enables them to stand out from others. Type 4s may experience emotional fluctuations at work and in personal life. They can become moody, withdrawn and self-absorbed.

Famous Type 4s:

Lady Gaga, Andy Warhol, Karl Lagerfeld, Jay Chou, and Angelina Jolie.

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