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Type 5: The Investigator
“I Want To Be Knowledgeable…”


Analytical, observant, curious, insightful, and perceptive.


Detached, distant, and over-reliant on logical thinking.

Communication Style:

Rational, factual and technical. Prefer conversations that surround their area of expertise.

Inner Beauty:

Sharing knowledge and wisdom to build a better world.

Life Path:

Type 5s enjoy gathering knowledge about the intelligence of the world. They want to learn as much as possible.

Personal Life:

The Type 5s focus their energies on intellectual pursuits and self-mastery through acquiring knowledge. At their best, Type 5s are objective, perceptive, innovative, and enjoy questioning and learning about innovations. The Investigators are most at home with scholarly subjects and intellectual theories that stretch their intellectual prowess.

In Business:

Type 5s enjoy demonstrating their wealth of knowledge and insights at work. Due to their analytical skills, they excel as researchers and technical experts. Being natural introverts, Type 5s are secretive and they tend to isolate themselves from others.

Famous Type 5s:

Bill Gates, Tiera Guinn, Steven Hawkins, and Warren Buffet.

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