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Type 7: The Enthusiast
I Want To Seek New Adventures…”


Optimistic, spontaneous, fun-loving, adventurous, and quick-thinking.


Impulsive, lacking focus, reckless, and taking too much risk.

Communication Style:

Fast-talking with various topics at the same time. Focus on positive aspects and highly entertaining with humor.

Inner Beauty:

Bringing sunshine and laughter to everyone.

Life Path:

Being adventurous, Type 7s seek new adventures and love to explore new terrains.

Personal Life:

Type 7s are spontaneous, energetic, optimistic and versatile. They are high spirited and often bring a burst of energy to gatherings and parties. When the Type 7s are at their best, they are innovative, highly adaptable and humorous.

In Business:

Type 7s are innovative and quick in thinking, however, they move from one idea to another in a speedy fashion. They are passionate and often inject excitement into their teams and organizations. Type 7s are easily distracted and may have trouble with commitment.

Famous Type 7s:

Richard Branson, Barrack Obama, Ellen Degeneres, Cameron Diaz, and Jackie Chan.

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