What is impossible?


Impossible is defined as something that is not possible to happen, exist, or be done. To many of us, we are limited to things or instances that we consider “impossible” but dear friends, has it ever crossed our minds that the thing that limits us, is ourselves? Let that sink in. 

One might say difficult and trying situations…

“oh I can’t do that.”

“oh I don’t have this.”

“I don’t have that.”

The power of Claims. 

Just too many excuses, but have we ever thought of that person who has a disability, for example, an amputee who competes in a Paralympics, a paralytic who can eventually move, someone who is chronically ill still lives his fullest life knowing his diagnosis, someone who is barely making ends meet keeps a positive perspective in life, and someone whose marriage is failing but still keeps her family together. 


The Degree of Claims changes your traction in life. 


These situations my dear friends are real-life instances that may happen to you, your neighbor, your relative, or others. How we deal with it is up to us, and on how we look at our impossibles in life, we all have our impossibles, be it on your finances, marriage, family relationships, and life in general, we all have it.


Do you believe in turning the impossible into possible? Let me put it this way, do you believe in turning your life around?


Those people mentioned above made their impossible possible, why? Because they believed, they believed they can do it, they believed they can turn their lives around, of course, they are not alone in that fight and journey, the HOLY SPIRIT is with them, guiding them, nurturing them, keeping them motivated, ignites their trust, and loving them.


But the million-dollar question is… why do other people simply give up and throw in the towel on the impossibles in their lives?

What makes it impossible?


Our mindset makes things impossible, makes things harder to the point that turning our lives around is hard and impossible, simple as that. Our mind limits us to things that we can and cannot do. Remind this phrase to yourself…


Nobody, not even you cannot tell what you can and cannot do, you are powerful, and your GOD is powerful, therefore you can do anything and everything you put your heart and soul to! 


Do not fear rejections, failures, and setbacks, these are all signs that you are moving, you’re making small steps towards turning your impossible into a possible one. There are instances in life that may defeat you, and that is okay, that is normal, for we are human, what matters is we get up, look back and think where we went wrong, improve, pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance, and wisdom, and push forward.


“For nothing is impossible with God” 

– Luke 1:37


He’s the creator of everything, all-life force, all that we see, the air that we breathe, it came from him and him only, so being with God makes everything easier, makes your impossible possible. All you have to do is call, believe, and openly receive.


Anything is possible if God is with you.