By Nicole Ling

Do you believe that God’s love sees us through?

Yes, His love transcends all even to those who don’t acknowledge Him. God loves and helps us unconditionally and even though we think that we’re unworthy of His love and aid, He still has faith in us, and He believes in us — He believes that there is a light inside of us. That’s how loving and nurturing God is.

God’s love always reminds us that: 

  1. We are worthy of Miracles.
  2. We are the Inheritance of His Kingdom
  3. We are loved and nurtured.

He also sent His Divine Spirit — The Holy Spirit, to guide and nurture us every step of the way, and he also created the Universe to remind us of His gifts towards humanity.

Story of Lea

I want to share the story of Lea, a lovely young woman who was going through her darkest days. During her most difficult time, her son turned away from her while her finances started dwindling. While contemplating her hardship, she asked herself, “What shall I do?”. 

A powerful voice spoke to her, “Call unto Me, and I shall answer you.” Lea was not a religious person, nor a believer, but she did that, she called God and the Holy Spirit.

As simple as that, she did her part, she worked through it and put her faith in God, and what happened next will surprise you…

Her son started to reach out to her and reconciled with her. Her business also began to turn over a million dollars in revenue. Her life started changing! However, this did not happen overnight. Her Miracles came gradually over time while she hung onto her trust and faith in God.

The Secret Golden Formulae

Here is Lea’s Secret Golden Formulae: She never pressured or stressed herself during her dark days. Instead, she relaxed and rested, and put her faith in God, while God fought battles for her. When we pray, relax, rest,  and put our faith in Him, we ensure ourselves of His Miracles. Trusting God is like having Spiritual Insurance, a type of confidence that we are indeed protected.

So Dear One, never stress yourself because it is God who fights the battle for us. God always wins, therefore we shall be victors in all situations. 

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