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Here Are Some of The Clients Nicole Has
Worked With

Your Miracle Coach

Nicole Ling, Miracle Healer & Coach, focuses her time in helping her students from all around the world to create unlimited miracles in all aspects in their life

Students All Around The World

Nicole has students in over 20 countries – USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Normway, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, India, China, and so on.

Corporate Trainer With 20+

Nicole has spent many years in the corporate world providing top-notch training to major companies such as Apple, Dell, Amex, Boeing, Singtel, just to name a few, before focusing full time on Healing work.

Background In Psychology

While Nicole is a Healer, she is also a person of Science. Nicole received her BSc Psychology in University of Southern Queensland, and her Master’s Degree in Counselling from Monash university.

The Queen Of Winning

Due to a bad accident, Nicole suffered a terrible spine injury. Doctor told her she will never be normal again. She was literally bedridden for 3 years, but she never gave up on life. She recovered fully through sheer will power. Today, she is still walking. In 2018, she was suddenly diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disorder, known as Rheumatoid Arthritis (R.A.). Once again, she managed to heal fully and became RA free today.

A Teacher Who Makes
Learning Fun

A Teacher Who Makes Learning Fun. She was also a former Psychology Lecturer. She is also a registered Counselling Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor.

Recipient Of The Global Women’s Leadership Award (2013)

Because of her passion and love for animals, Nicole was recognized for her rescue work of cats in Singapore, and was given this award.

Environmentalist, Scientist and Cat Mom

A logical thinker with scientific background, Nicole has a deep connection to Planet Earth and was actively involved in animal rescue work for many years. She was also a proud mom to 13 cats through the years.

Her Source of Healing Powers

While she knows and was trained in many different healing methods, her main source healing power is from The Holy Spirit.

Her Source of Healing Powers

Rajeswari Kanagaratnam
"My doctor told me that my cancer had reduced from 7cm+ to 5cm and also my brain lesion has also been reduced to less than 1cm. I felt very happy. Thank you Nicole and the Holy Spirit for this miracle. No words beyond I can find to express my gratitude."
Christer Voon
"How I wish I find Miracle Healing much earlier. But it is never too late if you ACT FAST! I am proxy for my mother. She has critical illness at stage 4. I have done 2 times of healing. Miracle happen even after 1 time healing session. Her suffering journey has been reduced substantially. I would like to express my gratitude to Nicole for her kindness and caring!"
Elizabeth Alarcon
"A friend asked if he can buy my car so that I can pay off my loan. And in return, he'll trade in his car to me so that I'll still have a car without having to buy a new one. I'm still somewhat stunned by these events because I'm not used to such generosity."
Aneetha Sundram
"A miracle happened for me today. I received this email with a job opportunity. The miraculous part is that I did not apply for it, neither was there a shortlisting process."
Enid Muragira
"As I pray for the pigmentation on my both eyes I felt a sharp pain in the head and I refused to be discouraged dispute the sharp and consistent pain. I kept my faith and believed am being healed by invisible power of the Holy Spirit. Then after a while, I felt this thought in my mind "when repairs are being done on something it feels pain too". I said to myself Yes! This is my eyes are being repaired. Thank you."

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