Well hello there, my dear friend! Welcome!


Previously, you learned who the Holy Spirit is and how powerful the Holy Spirit is. For today, you will learn what are the things the Holy Spirit can do for you.


Did you know that the Scriptures, especially the Acts, are created to show the power of the Holy Spirit? It is also called the Acts of the Holy Spirit or the Acts of the Holy Spirit through the apostle. The whole book of Acts are the wonders that the Holy Spirit made.


So if you are going to ask the specific things the Holy Spirit can do, here is the list of things that the Holy Spirit can do for the lives of believers.

Spiritual Guide. The Holy Spirit is our spiritual guide through the course of our lives.


Helper. The Holy Spirit helps us achieve spiritual enlightenment, teachings, and deliver us to remember who we are and how powerful God is. It sets our path correct and righteous.

Supporting Scripture: John 14:26


Ensures Spiritual Insurance. The Holy Spirit is a gift from God that dwells and inhabits inside us that in the latter guides us to salvation on the day of redemption. The Holy Spirit’s work in our lives is irreversible and so, it is up to you how you will acknowledge and awaken the gift of God. Once the Holy Spirit is settled and thrives within you, spiritual insurance is ensured and you are insured.

Supporting Scriptures: Eph. 1:13 and 4:30


Assists in Prayers and Intercedes for them. The Holy Spirit is the bridge that enables our prayers to get to God— the Holy Spirit also intercedes our prayers to God.

Supporting Scriptures: Jude 1:20 and Romans 8:26-27

Spiritual Oasis. The Holy Spirit is our oasis— it keeps us fresh, new, and righteous.

Regenerates and renews. Ever felt tired of all the trials and tribulations in life? The secret to fresh and renewed life is through activating our Holy Spirit and being in one with it. Think of it as a loan, the Holy Spirit loans you spiritual rejuvenation in return you must always be righteous.

Supporting Scripture: Titus 3:5

Comforts believers with hope and joy. In this hostile world, the Holy Spirit is our comfort. Be reminded that the Holy Spirit is within us— it just needs to be acknowledged and activated. Once it’s active, the Holy Spirit gives us hope and joy.

Supporting Scriptures: 1 Thes. 1:6; 2 Cor 12:14


Refills you with joy and peace. Ever have that conflicting problem within you that takes a lot of space in your peace and tranquility? The answer to your problem is the Holy Spirit. It will fill you with Joy and Peace you always wanted. The Holy Spirit gives unlimited credit to you in terms of joy and peace.

Supporting Scripture: Romans 15:13


Sanctifier. The Holy Spirit removes the lust of the flesh and sets us on the path of righteousness. 


Gift-giver. The Holy Spirit gives us gifts. Yes, you heard that right. The Holy Spirit is God’s vessel for gifts and distributes them to us— material blessings, miracles, wisdom, or talents. The Holy Spirit knows what to give you in times when you need it.

Supporting Scripture: 1 Cor. 12:4


Wisdom-giver. God gave us the Holy Spirit to keep us abridged to Him therefore, the Spirit of God is within us. With that, we know the thoughts and plans of God for us since the Holy Spirit and God are one.

Supporting Scripture: 1 Cor. 2:10-11

Whatever religion one might have, the Holy Spirit is within us all, there are no exceptions.


Dear friend, if you seek for clarity, God is just one call away through prayer. That’s why my dear friend, you are strongly encouraged to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Activate its power and let it flourish in our lives through prayers. 


Remember The Holy Spirit is like a bank of God in you. It gives you unlimited loans, credit, pays your mortgage, and gives you insurance. 


Dear friend, don’t forget to key in your prayers today.