Today, we will discuss how Aini healed from stage-3 triple-negative breast cancer. 


Aini is a simple and humble person, she runs her own business, and by nature, she’s kind, resilient, diligent, and obedient. Still, suddenly at the peak of her journey, she was diagnosed with stage-3 triple-negative breast cancer which multiple testing, chemotherapy, and surgery. The cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and the doctors found a large 5cm tumor. Mastectomy which is the total removal of the breast was recommended. 

At the doctor’s office, she was in shock, her automatic thought was “why me?” 


Aini made the decision to begin healing with Nicole Ling, who was her psychology teacher. 


Aini was highly cooperative during her healing with Nicole. Aini prayed, followed directions, and allowed the Holy Spirit to work in her life because she believed in miracles.

The subsequent events will surprise you.


Aini returned to the hospital for her usual testing after receiving intensive care and healing from the Holy Spirit over the course of four months.

Her doctor could not find any trace of cancer, including the 5cm tumor. Aini was in tears, she couldn’t believe that her cancer treatment and spiritual healing worked. 


Aini is now living cancer-free by the power of her faith that she will be healed. Stage 3 cancer could progress into something terminal and incurable, but with all the odds against them, she was healed. Mastectomy was also no longer required.


What can we learn from Aini?


During her group sharing, she described the following mindset one should have to be healed and receive miracles.


Aini said, “Be a good student, listen, and just follow. When we want to be healed we should listen and learn from the healer. We follow the guidance with diligence.”


She added, “Don’t waste time asking too many unnecessary questions. If you want to heal. Just do it. Don’t give excuses.”.

Asking questions is perfectly fine but, when you keep cluttering your mind with fears, this will cause paralysis in your actions. We should keep in mind, we want to heal and do it as soon as possible. 


On top of that, Aini mentioned, “Remove your ego, keep an open mind. When you think you know more than the Holy Spirit, you are blocking miracles. When you have fears, you are blocking healing.”

Aini added that to be healed one should do the following:


  • Be honest. Don’t lie to yourself, and live your truth.


  • Be committed. Healing is 100% commitment. There are no buts, no excuses – be committed and the healing of the Holy Spirit will be given to you.


  • Believe in the power of God and the Holy Spirit. Because God is the Truth.


  • Never complain. Complaining is a sign of impatience.


  • Be kind, patient, and compassionate. 


  • Be Grateful. Regardless of the hardships, be grateful. In bad and good times be grateful. 


  • Pray unceasingly.


  • Get support from an experienced healer who will guide you toward healing 


  • Receive healing from a trusted healer who will fight for you at every stage of your journey 

Are you experiencing tough times lately? Begin your miracle healing journey now, and learn its secrets.

Dear friends, always remind yourself that in life nothing is impossible. Every adversity can be overcome and healed.

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