Dear friends, do you think you can change your impossible to a possible one, the answer is YES! It depends on the degree of how you claim things! For it has already been written in the scripture, God already said it! But as humans we fail miserably due to our ways, now, how can we make things possible?


Degree of Claims: Turn Things around


Have a teachable and humble heart – God can read our minds and knows the condition of our hearts for He created us, He even knows the count of the strand of our hair, having this unique trait – humbleness and teachability takes time, not every one of us teachable and humble, but in order to change our impossible, we must let God into our lives and manifest His teachings so that the Holy Spirit can work through in changing our lives. 


Having a humble heart is your ticket or insurance on turning your impossible to possible.


Take each step at a time – a common misconception of everybody is that turning our impossible into a possible is a walk in the park and is easy, no it is not. It is a work in progress, work with the Holy Spirit, a work that consists of learning and wisdom, it is not done in a snap of our fingers, no miracle is done in a day, miracles require prayer and work.


Patience is essential, remember everything is insured.

Learn to believe, give, and receive – everything is possible when we believe! Have no doubts. Put your faith into work, give, and you shall receive.


Trust in the Lord with all your heart – trust is something that we have but rarely give, due to hard times and difficult people that occur in our lives and that is normal, but with God, we should invest our 100% in Him, He is our insurance. 


Be still! – Fret not! God said, be still and know I am God. Never question, learn to find the beauty in suffering, and those learning are wisdom, learn to always wait patiently.

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Loud and clear right, the scriptures say that we should have faith in things we hope for, instances we want to change, and be assured that it will work as long as we also put the effort in to change the situation. The Holy Spirit cannot work if we do not put our faith and trust into it.


Before we part ways let’s have a quick prayer.

Takeaway Prayer


Dear God, I know that these days are troubling to me, comfort me, and nurture me. Whenever I am weak, strengthen me. Whenever I feel away from you, draw me closer. Guide me in this hard journey ahead of me, you know the condition of my heart, help me in making things around. I know you’re my insurance in this life. Make wonders for me.