“I worry that if I set a new objective, I won’t be able to accomplish it.”


Fear grips you like a tormentor!


“I can only think of the reasons I won’t be able to accomplish that aim.”


“I’m not intelligent or competent enough.”

“There is excessive risk present if I try anew.”

“What happens if I succeed in achieving the goal?”

These are just some of the thoughts people have when they set a new goal or perhaps achieve greater heights in their lives. But their biggest question is, how to not be afraid of our dreams?


#1. Mindset Change


Break all the barriers or go over all of the barriers you put in your own way to prevent yourself from setting and attaining new goals. How?




Instead of concentrating on the failure’s outcome, we should question ourselves, “Why did I fail?” Instead of dwelling on failure, we shall turn our attention to what caused it.


This is what you should think of. In the past, we would always begin a goal-setting process with for example, “I want to go back to college” or “I want to lose weight.” It’s far too hazy or ambiguous. The phrase “I want to” is not a commitment.

We shall begin our next objective with, “I’m going to!”


Because of this, we tackled the task differently, gave it our all, and before we knew it, we succeeded.


#2. Avoid asking Yourself. Inform Yourself.


Self-improvement goes a long way. Learning new things could help you in the process of achieving your goals.

Take the example, new courses in technology, cooking, fitness, finance (insurance, crypto, or bitcoin), and investments. These are just stepping stones to achieving bigger things in life.

For instance, research indicates that insecurely attached persons are more prone to exhibit patterns of demand or withdrawal than people with secure attachment styles who grew up in loving and sensitive relationships. 

As long as you don’t do it in a judgmental or demeaning way, talking about the numerous ways you react and respond can be quite helpful.

Your chances of success will increase if you simply alter the way you think about the objectives you set.

By doing this, you activate forces within yourself that will propel you in the direction you tell yourself to go in rather than the one you believe you should go.


You can overcome your fear by thinking about the chances of reaching your current objective.

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