Hello my dear one, welcome!

“Pleasure of love lasts but a moment. The pain of love lasts a lifetime.”

Bette Davis

Have you ever had a painful life experience that tainted your heart for the rest of your life? We all have been there, we all experienced heartbreaks and disappointments, that broke us to the point that you’re too sad and depressed to function. But understand this my dear friend, what you’ve experienced or are experiencing is normal, and shall pass. 

“Tough times don’t last, tough people, do.”

Robert H. Schuller

Human resiliency is our key attribute in order to thrive in hard times and heartbreaks, but how do you thrive healthily during heartbreaks?

Grieve As Much As You Want. Grief is a part of human coping mechanisms. My dear friend, cry as much as you want, grieve as much as you want, it will help you smoothen out your feelings and gain inner closure.

Journal It! Learn to do a journal of your healing journey, the ups-and-downs, write everything down. It will help you compartmentalize your feelings and help you go through your broken heart journey. Writing can help you put things into perspective.

Be One With Nature. Nature and the universe have powerful healing energy, if you learn to connect with nature and be one with nature, you’ll be on your way to healing quicker and smoother.

Find A Support System. Reach out to friends, family, and support group that understands you and what you are going through. People who know what you’re going through can help you cope faster, and makes you feel you are not alone in your journey.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle. Eating healthy, sleeping early, and exercising regularly can boost your mood and has positive effects on your life perspective. All of these habits can help you heal faster and achieve overall health.

Self-acceptance. Learn to accept that what happened is all over, it’s now a memory of your past not a reflection of who you are, pick yourself up, grieve, and move on. 

Seek Professional Help. Medical or Spiritual help will do especially if things get too overwhelming on your end do not hesitate to seek professional help.

Pray. God helps those who help themselves right? So this is one of the things you can do to heal and cope, lay your troubles on God’s shoulders, put all your worries in Him, He will listen to you, and grant you the healing you request. However, you must welcome the healing with open arms. Always remember this scripture, my dear friend…

“He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.”

Psalm 147:3

Do not forget the most important ingredient — Prayer, cast all of it here and God will answer all of your prayers.