Hello, my dear friend, how are you? Hope you are well and safe.

“Money is a tool. Used properly it makes something beautiful, used wrong it makes a mess”

Bradley Vinson

Money is a powerful tool used by everyone in the world to purchase their needs or wants, build something that they want or others can benefit from, it can also be used to help other people and bless others. Those are some of the good sides of money, but there are also evil sides of money. It can be used to wage wars, and in general, wreak havoc to other people. Money is a tool for power and wealth is the measure of it. Is money the root of all evils?

Yes, dear friend, it is. If used for greed and avarice, these two characteristics are the downfall of man, if you use the money for greed, it will result in destruction and evil. But, dear friend, if it’s used for good, like donation, building businesses, and kindness, it will result in good. Like with the saying: like attracts like. If you do evil, evil will be upon you, and if you do good, God and the Holy Spirit will be with you. Remember this my dear friend.

“Greed makes man blind and foolish, and makes him an easy prey for death”


Greed blinds you and will result in painful endings and death. Money is created as a mode of exchange if you want to buy something, not as a destruction tool. So dear friend, if you use your wealth and power in the good and right way, you will plant a seed of salvation, blessings, and miracles. However, if you use it for destruction and bring demise to other people, expect never-ending suffering and pain– maybe not physically but emotionally and mentally harm you or your relatives.

As the saying goes, “What goes around, comes around,” whatever you plant out, you will reap. So do good and be good. But how do you avoid being greedy?

First, pray to God. Pray to Him unceasingly, say this in your prayers: “God help me be strong, and keep me away from the works of evil, rebuke me and make my paths righteous.”

Second, learn the act of giving. Yes, the more you give, the more you will receive. It is said in the Scriptures that God has a special blessing for those who give to others.

Lastly, acknowledge the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Dear friend, as you know, the Holy Spirit is the spirit of God bestowed to us; when we have the Holy Spirit by our side, we will be far away from the works of evil and temptations.

Learning to give you insurance to the kingdom of God.

Now, cast in your prayers so that God will be able to make your paths righteous. Let’s take this moment of silence to cast in our prayers of righteousness or you can key in your prayers here. See you again my dear friend.

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