Life is a never-ending cycle of triumph and defeat. To get the job done, we need to believe in ourselves and keep our spirits up. As a result, we should keep note of the positive events in our lives.


Wins and losses, ups and downs, twists and turns abound in life. Keep track of the wonderful things in your life, and you’ll see that your life improves. When everything goes according to plan, we experience true happiness. Our ambitions and dreams are realized, inspiring us to strive for even greater heights. 


Obstacles are nowhere to be found, and everything we come into contact with turns to gold. Every objective is within reach, and no problem appears to be insurmountable. Then there are times when it appears that our world is crumbling. Everything that has the potential to go wrong does. We worry if we shall ever see the light of day, crushed and battered by life’s storms. Hope is a distant memory, and challenges are inexhaustible.

Whether we are in a period of triumph or defeat, savoring victories and the wonderful things we encounter will be beneficial to us.


Keep track of the positive aspects of your life


When we think back on the happy moments, we can see that no matter what is going on right now, we can get through it. We recall and remember the wonderful things that happened to us.


That’s why we store valuable memories in our subconscious mind by keeping track of and recalling pleasant events. These are the memories we may turn to when we need to come up with a plan (a road map) to get back on track.


These past triumphs and experiences from happier times serve as models (for us) of the hopes and dreams that can be realized. Keeping track provides us with a detailed log, which might be valuable in locating items we’ve misplaced.

But it also inspires us to recognize and act on the truth that, despite all the good we’ve seen and done, there’s still a lot more work to be done. The most exciting part is still to come. Hang tight, God is with you! Have a sense of gratitude for everything that happened!


The Best things that happen in our lives are our personal artillery of motivation


Fulfillment, joy, confidence, and esteem are simply a few of the rewards we gain from the excellent things that happen to us. We may then hang on to them and use them to propel us forward, no matter what season we’re in or what route we’re on.

Every wonderful event that has occurred in our lives serves as a motivator to continue striving. They provide tangible examples of what we can do. It’s impossible to deny the joy and comfort they bring to our lives.


They will remind us of what we can and should do to forge through towards a brighter future when things are tough and trials seem greater than we’ve ever imagined. Just hold on tight and be grateful to Him! He will not disappoint you!

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