Last time we learned about the two facts people have difficulty dealing with, now we will continue on what are the other facts people have difficulty dealing with.


1.) You might fail many times before you succeed.


Some of life’s greatest achievements have come from those who, like you, have failed far more than they have succeeded. They’ve experienced huge failures, sobbed, felt embarrassed, and wondered if they’d chosen the correct path.

The difference was that they were aware that they would have, and they were willing to put in whatever time, effort, and practice was required to succeed.


No matter how skilled you are, you will fail more than you will succeed in your life if you maintain a running tally. The difference is that you pick yourself up and try again. You determine whether you are limited or unlimited. Which is it going to be?


Will you stay stuck where you are because you were knocked down, or will you rise higher than you ever imagined possible because you never gave up and kept pushing?

2.) You won’t always get what you desire in life, but you will always receive what you need.


Nothing could be more accurate. There are many things we want in life, and there may well be things we think we need, yet they are merely desires. The list of things we require in life is significantly narrower than we may believe.


When we take away the pleasures, the frills, and the frivolous spending, we discover that very little is required to meet our necessities. Even our understanding of wants and needs could be causing us problems. Do you require the new iPad or the assistance and time of your loved ones?

There will be times when we view not being able to have something we desire as a setback, but if we are truthful with ourselves and understand it was not a necessity, it becomes more bearable.


3.) Even though you believe no one understands your concerns, they are not as unusual as you believe.


This is a fact of life that I have seen frequently in my job as a Psychologist. People are scared to express their worries or problems because they believe no one will understand them.


They believe they are so special and different from others that if others realized the challenges they are dealing with, they would think they were crazy.


The reality is this is quite unlikely. If you actually talk to someone about your problem, you could discover that it is significantly more common than you previously believed. You may even discover that many, if not the majority, of people, have felt or experienced something similar.


This is a comforting and empowering sensation. If others have walked in your shoes before, it indicates they have succeeded and lived. If they can do it, you can too.

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