By Nicole Ling

When I first started to know the Holy Spirit, I went through a lot of struggles. I was in pain. I suffered a lot. I was suicidal. I was depressed. I was at the lowest point of my life.

When I was a child I had a lot of trauma, and it affected my adult life. In summary, I suffered my entire life. When I was about 23, I was extremely depressed and suicidal, but a voice inside me told me not to give up.

From there, I decided to embark on a healing journey because I told myself I would not want to be depressed and suicidal for the rest of my life, I decided to fight. And at that point in time, the universe sent me a sign – I rescued a kitten, a kitten who was so sick to the point that he was dying. 

I took the kitten to the vet, and the news broke me – the vet told me that the kitten was dying and he wouldn’t be able to survive.

So I was shocked and sad at the same time. I literally wanted immediate miracles to save the kitten. 

That was the point the Holy Spirit came into my life because I was lost, hopeless, helpless, and didn’t know what to do. I knelt down and I prayed for a miracle, I said, “Dear God if you are listening to me right now, the Almighty, the Creator of the Universe, the Highest of the Highest.”

I was in tears, and I added, “If you’re listening to me right now, please pour your unlimited miracles upon me!” I didn’t even know why I said that. I didn’t even know why I knew that there would be a miracle. I didn’t know. I just spoke my heart very honestly. And I said, “Can you please help me Holy One? Can you please give me a miracle? Because I need your Holy touch to save this kitten.”

“When we’re at our darkest times in life, the greatest miracles might be just in front of us.”

Nicole Ling

And then I was hit by a golden light.

A Golden Light just hit me. I nearly lost my balance and fell backward. And then the voice said, “I am the Holy Spirit. I am your Spiritual Guide. I am here to save your cat and I will teach you how to heal.” 

That was my first encounter with the Holy Spirit. I was completely taken aback by the sheer force of the light, the power of the light, the loving presence, and the presentation of the Holy Spirit were so compassionate… so loving. It was utterly out of this world. I couldn’t even describe the awesome feeling I felt, all I can say is incredible and majestic.

There’s no description for that feeling.

So that was my experience with the Holy Spirit. So my whole life, my experience with the Holy Spirit was something that was out of this world. 

What happened next was unexpected.

My rescued cat survived and he lived up to 17 years, even though the vet said that my kitten would not survive. And just one month later I brought the kitten back to the vet and the vet said, “Is this the same cat? He looks so different. He looks plum, healthy, and radiant”. So not only did the cat survive, the cat thrived.

So that was my experience with the Holy Spirit. And ever since then I have been flooded with miracles, every single day. For the first time in my life, I felt blessed. I get my miracles through the power of the Holy Spirit. I am saying out of gratitude and humility because the Holy Spirit has been so good to me.

Today, I am celebrating the power of the Holy Spirit with you.


  • When we’re at our lowest point that’s when we are open for the spiritual work the Holy Spirit set out in our lives.
  • When we ask for a miracle we should be humble and receive it with gratefulness.
  • The power of the Holy Spirit exists, but we should be able to let it flourish in our lives.
  • Miracles work and come to those who are WILLING to receive and BELIEVE in them.

So dear one, what are you waiting for? 

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