Hello there, precious creation of God! Welcome!


“Don’t stress the could haves; if it should have, it would have.”



In our daily life, stress is common— wherever we may go, stress is imminent and the way we handle stress is one of the ways that could help us to live a healthier life. As mentioned, stress is common and normal, however, if left unchecked, it could take a toll on your overall health and well-being (physical, mental, and spiritual health).


As humans, we are all flawed, and one flaw we have is stressing ourselves over the things that we “could have,” and we tend to overthink which affects our way of life. It clouds our judgment, our connection to God, and blocks all the miracles planned out for us. Bear this in mind my dear friend, as long as you did your best and put in the hours of work to make the ‘thing’ happen, you shall not regret anything. 

As long as you’ve worked hard and prayed for it, you can just relax and chill. It’s going to happen when it is supposed to happen because God knows when to give it to you and withhold when it is not. Stress affects the way you live and affects the aspects of your health.


Physical Health. When you are stressed, your physical well-being is affected. You will have low energy to do things, weight gain, soreness and tension, fatigue, and so much more.


Mental Health. Stress greatly affects your mental health; you become more irritable, easily get angry, doubtful, forgetful, have difficulty sleeping (either falling asleep or staying asleep), and at times, it increases your appetite which can contribute to unnecessary food consumption. Stress causes internal turmoil in your body that could lead to a lack of peace of mind. 


Spiritual Health. Stress puts a barrier between you and God because as you doubt, resent, and hate the world you shun the presence of God and the Holy Spirit within you. My dear friend, we don’t want that to happen; as early as now learn to manage your stress levels.


“Control what you can, let go and let God do the rest”


Needing Urgent Care from God? Then do this…


All of these acts are a form of urgent care from God since He gave you His body and the Holy Spirit.


Eat Nutritious Foods. You are the reflection of the food you eat— if you eat healthily, you nourish the body God has given you, so opt for a nutritious alternative to your foods.


Exercise Regularly. When you work out regularly, you naturally lower the stress hormone levels in your body. Exercise, do some stretching, and some yoga for at least 30 minutes daily.


Connect With God and Nature. Prayer and meditation in nature are effective ways to lower and mitigate stress and it also boosts your spiritual health.


Always keep this in mind, my dear friend, prayers connect us with God and the Holy Spirit.  When you are connected with them, you have peace of mind. When you have that connection, you can hear God’s calling and wisdom.


“Every day is a choice. To practice stress or to practice peace.” 

Joan Borysenko

Dear friend, life is a matter of choice. The way you see things depends on how you want to see things. If you want to look at bad things from a good perspective, it will be good. You can turn weaknesses into strengths and risks into opportunities because the power of the mind will depend on the choice that you make today but it is important to pray for guidance and strength, every step of the way. 


So do not forget to key in your prayers for today my dear, and it will all be answered.