It might be difficult to tell when your hard work is paying off. It will necessitate you asking some tough questions and doing some introspection.


To begin, what does “hard work” mean to you? Is it setting a deadline for completing a project and then working extra hard to meet that deadline? Is it committing to completing something every single day and then observing as your work improves over time?

Second, are you being influenced by other forces? How many people follow you and how many people unfollow you on a daily basis? Is it external or internal? Do you believe your knowledge has grown from where you were yesterday to where you are today?


What if you don’t reach your target number of followers by the deadline? Has all of your hard work gone for naught and should be discarded?

Setting objectives is a useful technique. It’s much better if you establish routines and commit to taking action to achieve your objectives. It takes a mastermind to achieve those objectives.

What if you succeed in achieving your goal? Did all of your hard work pay off? Is it true that it made a difference? Was the objective too simple?


Taking a snapshot is the ONLY way any of us can see if our hard work is paying off. Stay tuned for part 2.

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