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Build Your Winning Sales Team
With Enneagram!

About the Program: Win In Sales With Enneagram

As much as it hurts to hear the truth, Winning is EVERYTHING in sales. In the sales business, it is either you WIN or you LOSE. There is no middle ground. There is no in-between.

Win in Sales With Enneagram helps Sales Professionals to understand the Principles of Winning and discover their Winning Personalities that enable them to stand out, say the right thing and win the trust of their clients.


Introduction to The Psychology Of Winning
Know the key Principles of Strategic Winning that systematically leads you to a winning outcome

Get Your Winning DNA Profile
Do you know everyone has their own set of Winning DNA wired in them? Knowing your Winning DNA Profile will be one of the most powerful tools you have ever discovered for your business.

Your Special Talents, Gifts & Charisma
Do you know that 70% of the human potential is untapped? Unleash your hidden potentials that remain mostly undiscovered.

Personality Typing For Business & Sales
Learn the Personality Types of clients and customers. Know exactly what each Personality Type is thinking, feeling and seeking.

Read Clients With Precision
Eliminate all random guessing and get right into the minds of your clients – accurately and correctly.

Turn On Clients With “Happy Triggers”
Discover the Hot Buttons for each Client Personality Type and how to use “Happy Triggers” to make clients want to hear more from you. And the “negative triggers” to avoid for each Client Type.

Understand Your Client’s Motivations
Impress your clients by understanding their underlying motivations and desires more than they know themselves.

Learn How To Close Sales With Different Personalities
Equip yourself with skills to close sales with the most demanding clients and customers

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