You must have read about our students’ spectacular results from their Miracle Healing, and wish to be like them. 


Here’s how you can start helping yourself to receive miracles.

But first… what is Miracle Healing?


Many people think a miracle is an extraordinary event not explicable by natural or scientific laws. While this is true, let me share a beautiful definition that explains miracle healing more accurately.


Here is my favorite definition of a miracle:


A miracle is a shift in perception.


A miracle is a shift in perception because the desire for miracles and healing must first take place in your mind. You must desire to receive miracles before miracles can happen to you. 

What does shifting your mind mean?


Shifting your mind means you must stop wallowing in your pain. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You must now make the decision to get out of suffering. You must tell yourself you will find a way to change your situation.

Miracles mean taking charge of your problem 


Miracle healing always entails a positive change that must first take place within yourself.


All miracles start with YOU first.


You must be RESPONSIBLE for your healing 


You must WANT to receive miracles.

You must MAKE a decision to be healed. 


You must LOVE yourself enough to seek healing.


While some miracle healings can be attributed to the power of prayer, many are also the results of human actions for change and transformation.

Our students who received miracles invested in themselves. They love themselves that’s why they have the burning desire to heal. 


I hope you are inspired by our students Aini, Veronica, Dolly, Geetha, and many more. 

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Nicole Ling ❤️

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