Let Your Money Work For You

Everyone knows the best way to grow and make your money is to let your finances work for you. Here are five basic instructions and strategies on how to let your money work for you: #1: Learn From Financially Successful Persons or Experts There are a lot of free online resources, from videos to blogs […]

5 Steps To Self-Forgiveness

We all have been in that dark place, where we loathe ourselves for doing and regret things that we did in the past.  If you remain to blame yourself, it will take a toll on your state of mind, physical health, and overall well-being. Remember this, it’s all in the past, and the way we […]

Track Your Money

Tracking your monthly expenses is vital to maintaining a healthy cash flow. Create a spreadsheet or get a blank notebook and record your expenses, savings, investments, and luxury to keep track of where your money is going. You can do these three simple tips to track your expenditures. 1. Regularly Get Your Account Statement and […]

The Importance Of Self-Control In Financial Management

Financial Literacy isn’t taught in schools and institutions. That’s why many people are struggling with how to manage their finances. This selection might help you, our dear reader, on how to manage your finances wisely. Let us focus now on the importance of self-control in managing our finances. Self-Control Is Vital In all walks of […]

5 Signs You Need A Career Change

Even though it’s only a Sunday afternoon, you’re thinking ahead and dreading it’s already Monday? Do you feel tired and cranky when you arrive from work? Does your current job make you feel bored, have no sense of fulfillment, frustrated, or just plain stuck? These are just a few of the signs that it might […]

Calm Communication Brings Out The Best In Relationships

In the previous article, we’ve talked about how communication is essential in our relationships. Now we will talk about how to effectively communicate and bring out the best in our relationships. Calm communication is key in a relationship. Example: If your partner has hurt you in any way, it is important to find the right […]

Communication Is Vital In A Relationship

Communication is crucial in any relationship. Communication is two-way communication and it allows you to successfully share your feelings, point of view, and expectations towards your partner. Some individuals fail to express themselves due to a fear of rejection or they may end up upsetting and agitating their partners. How important is communication to relationships? […]

The Golden Rule

Treat Others The Way They Want To Be Treated One crucial life lesson that I always apply in my life, and it should always be applied in walks of life. There is no pretense in this lesson because this one is so direct, easy to learn and apply. The lesson of the day is “Treat […]

6 Easy Tips To Manage Your Anger

We are back on the topic of anger management.  In our last article, we talked about anger issues and how they may affect your health and life. Today we will share effective tips on how you can manage anger to stay cool and centered.  Tip #1: Explore The Roots Of Your Anger Always learn the […]

Control Your Anger, Before It Controls You

We all get angry and it is normal. Being angry roots from our internal turmoil called – anger. Anger is normal and is a healthy emotion. Just like any emotion, it tells a message, whether we are experiencing stress or being upset, or going through unjust, or threatening situations, it’s our normal reactions to these […]