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Unlock Your Team’s Full Potential With Power Enneagram

Research studies have shown that when people feel understood and accepted, they are more likely to open up, offer assistance, express themselves, and go beyond the comfort zone to achieve company goals. Knowing how to relate to others is the first step towards organisational success. This programme will help team members to understand how each person can work with people from diverse backgrounds, values,  and belief systems.

Based on the Enneagram Personality System, there are 9 Types of Personalities. Each Personality Type communicates, relates and contributes in 9 different ways. Understanding the Personality Traits of each Enneagram Type helps team members to strengthen their self-awareness, and avoid personal development pitfalls.


Power Up Your Team With Enneagram aims to help all team members to understand and communicate with each other more effectively. Through learning the Enneagram Personality Type System, team members can inspire, motivate, and foster growth using their unique strengths and innate abilities.

What You Will Learn In This Training?

  • The 9 Types of Personalities in Enneagram
  • Human motivations and drives in different personalities
  • Discover Strengths, Inner Power, Communication Styles and Unique Gifts
  • Identify Personal Challenges and Blindspots
  • Understand how each Personality Type contributes to the organisation
  • Gain knowledge on how to relate, empathise and collaborate with different personalities
  • Enneagram strategies to motivate and empower your team members

Facilitated by Nicole Ling
BSc Psychology
MIC Counselling

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