Courage comes from within us. It is incorrect to see courage as fearlessness like most people do. In truth, courage is the ability to act despite your fear. Courage is the capacity to act boldly in the face of any possible tension or worry.


Understanding your fears and then refusing to let them hold you back are two of the best ways to be bold. Fear is different from courage as it can prevent you from moving forward, taking chances, and seizing opportunities if you allow it. 

Being courageous, however, enables you to take risks, go for your goals, and achieve your objectives in life.


To start something, you must have courage. There is a lot of uncertainty when you first start something. Uncertainty about the result or the implications, confusion about the surroundings, uncertainty about your ability to get the help you need, and uncertainty regarding how other people may react.

Uncertainty is a given; it is always present. Our minds, however, typically react in terror. These uncertainties lead to fears of failing, losing, being rejected, being silly, and being alone. 


Courage is essential to move past those fears!

There are several methods you can use to strengthen your courage muscles and get the most out of every scenario if you’ve been battling with fear and want to feel more courageous in your life. Stay tuned for more!

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