True Meaning of Grace

What exactly is grace? Although it appears to be a simple word, the answer has many distinct perspectives to it. The word “grace” comes from the Greek word charis. In secular Greek, charis was related to chairo, which meant “to rejoice,” and it was used to describe “sweetness” or “attractiveness” as far back as Homer.


Charis developed to mean “favor,” “goodwill,” and “lovingkindness,” especially when bestowed by a superior on a subordinate.

Grace has been offered to us by God through the Holy Spirit. 

By the Grace of our Divine Creator, we would receive miracles, and our souls would be free from harsh strifes and verities in life.

Grace is not about us, even when we sorely need it. Grace is a word about God: his free will and all-encompassing, extravagant displays of concern and favor. “In grace, God provides nothing less than Himself,” writes Michael Horton. Grace, then, is the Holy Spirit’s in redeeming work, not a third item or substance mediating between our divine creator and the sinners.

Always remember, that Grace is given, not earned. Our Divine Creator discerns when and how you need it, you also have to ask for it, through prayer and faith.


Grace is a soul-stirring idea that should be cherished but never abused or misunderstood.

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