Unlimited Blessings Is An Insurance That Start With You

There’s no cap in giving, when we give, we give it all, no questions asked, and God will bless us a hundred fold or thousand fold when he hears the outcry of someone we helped.      


When God hears the outcry of those people you’ve helped, what happens next will shock you.

An Insurance That Starts With You


It could either be a job you have been praying for, a miracle you’ve always longed for, blessings you least expect in times of trial, you see? God heard will hear the call of the weak and needy, and he knows the condition of our heart that we are also in need of help and assistance, he will…


  1. Help us
  2. Carry us
  3. Deliver us


The Holy Spirit is a kind entity to whom we should trust and lean on. It was taught to us that when our palms are dry, blessings are dry as well, but when we give out, out of our nothingness, the Holy Spirit will bless us in return, in ways we least expect it. 


Whatever blessings it might be, we should be grateful, why?


  1. He hears our desperate calls.
  2. We are connected with Him.
  3. Blessings come in different forms, and it is given by God.

Blessings coming from God are incomparable and shall be given adoration and thanks. As the bible said in James 1:17, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows”. Therefore, we shall give thanks for all he has given to us (1 Chronicle 16:34 ESV).


Now, going back to my question. What is your good deed for today? Have you been a blessing to others? Have you touched others’ lives?


Giving or donating is an insurance the Holy Spirit set out to the universe and in return of your good deed, unlimited blessings are unleashed unto you.


Take this time to ponder, have we given enough and blessed others? I will repeat, there is no cap in giving, the more we give, the more we receive (Acts 20:32-35). Giving gives off positive feelings to us, it may help improve our outlook and perspective in life from a sense of belongingness to purpose, and giving is contagious. Therefore, overall it makes us feel satisfied, and it’s proof that we lived.

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