Hello my dear friend, welcome again!

“Relationships include fights, jealousy, arguments, tears, disagreement, and faith, but a real relationship fights through all with LOVE.”


No relationship is perfect, arguments and other forms of conflicts are inevitable and common, however, fighting regularly or fighting on a daily basis are not normal to the point that both of you are emotionally and physically drained and the fights are taking a toll on both of your overall health. 

Healthy couples argue and have conflicts but they also defeat this with healthy communication and love. Dear friend, to be in a healthy relationship you must follow the following guide to avoid frequent conflicts.

Listen Without Prejudice. Sometimes when you listen, you automatically give judgments to your partner or to someone who’s speaking, however, when you listen you should take into consideration, where that person’s going through, the person’s background, and track record.

A track record means if that person is trustworthy.

Lower Your Pride. Pride sinks a relationship, learn to lower your pride at times. Pride is a good thing if practiced in moderation but if practiced regularly, it’ll sink your relationship. Remember this my dear friend…

“Sometimes we choose to be wrong, not because we are really wrong, but because we value our relationship more than our pride.”

“Sometimes we choose to be wrong, not because we are really wrong, but because we value our relationship more than our pride.”


If you love a person you will set aside your pride, if the situation asks for it. However, save a little pride for yourself, do not be docile to the point your partner will subdue you. Learn to balance out your pride.

Communicate Better. Communication is key to a healthy relationship, in a heated argument learn to pause and breathe. Learn to pause and listen, do not match the negative and angry energy, do not assert your point when angry because your ears are not ready to listen and receive the message when angry, learn to pause and deliver your thoughts when both of you are already cooled down. Deliver your message in a smooth, and calm voice. 

Live A Healthy Lifestyle Together. A healthy couple that exercises, and eats well together achieves greater heights together, so learn to do these two habits together with your beloved partner.

Pray Together. A couple that prays together stays together through eternity, as God and the Holy Spirit promised salvation and infinite love for those who acknowledge His power. Praying together strengthens your relationship thus it can make your relationship healthier. 

“Praying together is the most intimate act a couple can engage in”


So dear friend do not forget to key and cast your prayers here, and all of your prayers will be answered by God in faith and action!