By Nicole Ling

Helping other people could come in different forms, it could either be physical, emotional, spiritual, or inspirational help. Helping is fulfilling because it opens our hearts to others in need. Helping brings us closer to God and the Holy Spirit.

Do you recall the saying? “We rise by lifting others”. Helping other people could bring a sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, and belongingness towards us, and it creates an unfading joy inside our hearts.

When we help or assist other people, our life begins to unravel and we have a sense of meaning and purpose. Real Happiness does not come from material things but from people whose lives we’ve touched. When we offer our earnest hearts, kindness, and love towards other people, the Holy Spirit automatically blesses us with our desires, and most importantly God, the Holy Spirit, and the Universe reward us with happiness.

I remember the story of my friend – Jason, who helped a father of two, the father asked my friend – Jason, for help as he was unable to feed his family, my friend wasn’t also well-off and at the time he was financially struggling but the Holy Spirit whispered to Jason, “help them”, without a shadow of a doubt Jason took out the last money he had, and gave it. The next day, Jason received an email that they had a bonus from their company and was wired to his account. The Holy Spirit rewarded Jason for his good deed.

Remember this when we’re generous to others, we feel abundant; our lives feel rich and abundant. When we touch other people’s lives we inspire them to have a vision and believe in the impossible, to believe in their capabilities, and to become the best version of themselves.

When we help others we also offer our services; our lives now have value in other people and to yourself, and as an end result, your generosity creates an endless ripple of help and the mindset abundance will flourish in your life making you richer in all aspects of your life.

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