By definition, a miracle is an event that exceeds the laws of nature and, as such, is attributed to the intervention of a higher power. 


For many people, miracles are a source of inspiration and hope. They remind us that even in the face of difficulties, there is always the possibility of positive change. 

Miracle-sharing also provides us with a way to connect with others who have experienced something similar. In sharing our stories, we not only offer support and encouragement to others, but we also honor the sacredness of our own experiences. 


The Holy Spirit is often at work in miracles, providing healing and hope in times of need. Whether we are the recipient or witness of a miracle, we can be sure that it is an event that will never be forgotten.

Now, what is Miracle-Sharing?


Miracle-sharing is about bearing witness to the power of God and the Holy Spirit through personal testimony and outreach. 

It is an opportunity to share how the Holy Spirit has worked in your life, bringing healing and miracles. Miracle-sharing is a way of giving back to God, of testifying to His goodness and power. It is also a way of encouraging others to seek the Holy Spirit for themselves. 


When we share our Miracle stories, we provide hope and inspiration for others who may be going through difficult times. By testifying to what God has done in our lives, we give glory to Him and bring Miracle-sharing into the mainstream.

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