Let’s start with a story, a wise man had the honor of working with men and women who are homeless for more than fourteen years. Throughout those years, he was amazed by these men and women’s abilities to survive, but he wished they might begin to live more abundant lives.


How to make the transition from surviving to flourishing and live a full life?


The wise man discovered a few things: 


Some of the homeless people have learned to eat from garbage cans, while others have figured out how to

manufacture improvised shelters out of the debris. Some knew how to maneuver and

bribe their way onto someone’s couch to sleep. 


There were a few people who managed to take every opportunity to upgrade themselves and break out of poverty. These people found employment and a new life. They are the epitome of tenacity and inspiration. 

But how do we transition from thriving into living a full life?


Change is a Must


Do not wait until life changes you. Change is constant, and it must be a driving force within you, change should inspire you to become more. 


Eat more healthily, exercise daily, learn new things, hone your craft, and praise the Holy Spirit daily. These are key points of change, never be tired of being inspired, evolving, and growing.


Spend Your Time Wisely


We will never be able to muster what we need to make these items a long-term and sustainable shift in our life as long as they remain in the realm of ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’. What will it take for your ‘shoulds’ to become a must?

Many of us are aware that we should spend more time with our loved ones. We should spend less time watching television and more time reading. We should eat well and exercise regularly. 


Never forget this, learn to prioritize, anything that’ll benefit you into becoming better, much closer to the Holy Spirit, and to your loved ones are a ‘must’ not ‘should’.


Believe in Yourself That You Can Change and Work Through It


Inspire yourself to change, the Holy Spirit knows what to do with you, but you must start the fire inside you and work through all the obstacles in life. Remember, God helps those who help themselves, believe and you shall receive the full life you’ve always dreamed of.

Be Adaptable


There’s no secret ingredient to living a full life, so to achieve it, always learn to adapt to situations and learn from them.


Learn to Relax, Rest, Receive


These are some of the key ingredients in living a full and happy life. Always learn to relax, to revitalize your soul, rest to freshen your physical body, and receive the blessings God has in store for you.


There you have it, stay tuned for more!

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